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Jul 31

Minecraft Wii U: Planetoids 2 map Download

This really cool Planetoids 2 map map got made by Caspian 2.0, and the showcase video below got made on the Wii U by Caspian 2.0, but the map can be played on Wii U. This is a Planetoids 2 map which can be played alone or with some friends. Your goal in this map is to survive and make your own …

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Apr 30

Minecraft Wii U: Rubloks Modded Survival map Download

Basic Overview of Rubloks Cube This is a brand new map called Rubloks Modded Survival map Download. Inspired by the challenging puzzle toy, the Rubik’s Cube, this map offers you a unique experience, but with only one challenge. Place all 27 blocks in the monument, that’s it! Seems easy right? WRONG. Don’t believe me? See …

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Mar 13

Minecraft Wii U: Cube World Modded Survival map Download

Skyblock Survival map, Cube Block, only consits of a minecraft cube. Every side of the block has an own biom and is crossed by caves, dungeons and canyons. enjoy byyyyyeeeeee……… Enjoy playing!

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Feb 21

Minecraft Wii U: Deadly Orbit Modded Survival map Download

This map will make you feel immersed in a hostile survival environment where you have little chance of survival. The food is scarce and you can even die of hunger, you will need to craft weapons to defend yourself and be very conservative with what you find because resources are limited. Story The Soyuz spacecraft …

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Feb 12

Minecraft Wii U: Forgotten Lands Hunger Games map Download

This is a brand new map called Forgotten Lands Hunger Games map. Epic Hunger Games map created by TeamConsoleCrafters members UltimateMCKiller and IXI-Blizzard-IXI ! This map looks very Awesome and is very fun to play with your friends! You can play this map on PS3 and PS4 Check out the Map Creators Youtube. Enjoy playing!

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Feb 02

Minecraft Wii U: One Piece – Adventure map Download

This is a brand new adventure map called One Piece – Adventure map. I have seen very few Minecraft PS3 Adventure maps built to the standard of this map! Many map maker’s get stuck to one style of building and only build certain types of maps but this map has great varriety. Just see the video …

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Jan 30

Minecraft Wii U: Survival Bingo Challenge map Download

This is a brand new map called Survival Bingo Challenge map. Minecraft BINGO is a vanilla survival scavenger hunt mini-game, where you collect items on your BINGO cards to get 5 in a row, column, or diagonal as fast as possible. Enjoy playing!

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Jan 20

Minecraft Wii U: The Last Of Us Survival map Download

BASIC OVER VIEW OF THE MAP Story: ◾You are lost in the middle of New York two decades after a plague has killed millions. ◾The streets are full of monsters that try to kill you. ◾Do whatever you need to survive and find a working vehicle to leave the town. Main challenge: ◾Find a working …

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Jan 08

Minecraft Wii U: Ultra Amplified Modded Survival map Download

This is a brand new map called Ultra Amplified Modded Survival map download. Hello Minecraft players its great to see you there are very large amount of mountains in this world as well as biome diversity new dementions check it out for your self heres the download link. map maker is rolling good and showcase …

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Oct 27

Minecraft Wii U: Survival map Download

This is a brand new survival map which can be played on the Wii U. Minecraft Maps – modded survival In Minecraft! This Minecraft Maps video showcases the survival map In Minecraft! It is a EPIC Minecraft modded map, which is the coolest modded survival in minecraft ever. Enjoy playing!

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