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Jun 02

Minecraft Wii U: Modded Custom Terrain map Download

This is a brand new map called modded custom terrain map download. This map is a modded terrain map called the wilderness. What I love about this map is that other map makers could download this map and build on top of it using the awesome terrain and then creating there own custom map using this …

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Apr 30

Minecraft Wii U: Rubloks Modded Survival map Download

Basic Overview of Rubloks Cube This is a brand new map called Rubloks Modded Survival map Download. Inspired by the challenging puzzle toy, the Rubik’s Cube, this map offers you a unique experience, but with only one challenge. Place all 27 blocks in the monument, that’s it! Seems easy right? WRONG. Don’t believe me? See …

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Apr 16

Minecraft Wii U: Modded Story Mode map Download

This really cool Modded mini game map got made on the PS3 by dakonblackrose and the showcase video below got made also on the PS4 by dakonblackrose, but the map can be played on both the PS3/PS4. This Modded mini game map is a brand new version of story mode with this epic modded map. …

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Apr 04

Minecraft Wii U: Modded Grand Theft Auto map Download

This is a brand new modded grand theft auto map download. This map is a city style map but themed like GTA Grand Theft Auto, it comes with modded villagers which you can interact and get custom trades from. Im not sure if the creator of this map looked at GTA when creating it, but it …

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Mar 13

Minecraft Wii U: Cube World Modded Survival map Download

Skyblock Survival map, Cube Block, only consits of a minecraft cube. Every side of the block has an own biom and is crossed by caves, dungeons and canyons. enjoy byyyyyeeeeee……… Enjoy playing!

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Mar 07

Minecraft Wii U: Custom Creeper Modded map Download

This is a brand new map called Custom Creeper Modded map. Minecraft PS3 Save tool editor tutorial video on how to mod a custom creeper mob, to have this mod on Playstation 4 or Vita simply press the transfer option on Minecraft PS3 Map Created by NeriaK check him out on Youtube. Enjoy playing!

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Feb 23

Minecraft Wii U: Think – Modded Puzzle map Download

Think is a puzzle map for Minecraft console, we have converted it so you can play it on Minecraft PS3 and PS4. The map comes with a bunch of puzzles which you must complete to progress to the next stage. The map also has modded mobs, crazy challenges and the nether too! This is a …

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Feb 21

Minecraft Wii U: Deadly Orbit Modded Survival map Download

This map will make you feel immersed in a hostile survival environment where you have little chance of survival. The food is scarce and you can even die of hunger, you will need to craft weapons to defend yourself and be very conservative with what you find because resources are limited. Story The Soyuz spacecraft …

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Feb 08

Minecraft Wii U: Modded Dropper map Download

I love dropper maps, so I always love when a new dropper map is released. Simply because you can just jump in and play when ever you want and try to beat the map. Plus you don’t need to arrange to play with friends its a map you can just download and play. Or you …

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Jan 11

Minecraft Wii U: Rocket Ship Modded map Download

This is a brand new map called Rocket Ship Modded map. This really cool mod map got made on the PS3 by stealthyexperts and the showcase video below got made also on the PS4 by dakonblackrose, but the map can be played on both the PS3/PS4. This minecraft mod map is a brand new rocketship map which …

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