How to Download and Install custom maps on Minecraft Wii U

So you want to learn how to download and install maps for Minecraft on the Wii U!?

The first thing you are going to want to do is plug a USB stick into your computer, and make sure it is completely empty and formatted. Please note if you are going to format your USB stick make sure you back up all of your data first as formatting removes everything!

  • Search Minecraft Wii U Maps for the map you want to download and install
  • Download the map you want to install onto your computer
  • Transfer the files from your computer onto your USB stick
  • Turn on your Wii and make sure you have Minecraft on the console!
  • Insert your USB and transfer the files to the Minecraft folder on the Wii U
  • Load up Minecraft
  • Select your custom world
  • Play and enjoy!