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Mar 13

Minecraft Wii U: Modded Adventure map Download

This is a brand new modded map called modded adventure map which can be played alone or with some friends. This map is a fun map and even more fun because it’s modded. Welcome to The Abolition of Pernicious Adventure Map! The town has been tormented for the past 200 years by an evil force known …

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Feb 11

Minecraft Wii U: B0NY’s Modded map Download

This is a brand new modded map for Minecraft on the Wii U. Download this map and check out all the mods. B0NY’s modded map is a map full of all different types of minecraft ps3 / console mods you can use in modded maps. We like to think of this map as as showcase of …

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Jan 28

Minecraft Wii U: Teleporter Mod Download

This is a brand new mod which makes you teleport to wherever you want to. This map is a teleporter modded into Minecraft! You can use this Teleporter / portal to teleport to exact co-ordinates in minecraft! This is extremely useful for map makers and one of the best additions modders have added to Minecraft PS3 …

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Oct 13

Minecraft Wii U: Modded Dimensions map Download

This is a modded map called Modded Dimensions. You can play this map alone or check the map out with as many players as you want to. This map has modded dimensions which will make your Minecraft world look way better. You have two portals: one for the end and one for the nether. Enjoy …

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Oct 01

Minecraft Wii U: Modded Hyper Carts map Download

This modded map for the Wii U adds in Minecarts to your Minecraft world which don’t actually need rails. You can just place them where ever you want them and ride in the Minecart without using rails which is pretty insane. You also go extremely fast in these Minecarts which is also really cool. Enjoy …

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Sep 29

Minecraft Wii U: Modded Biomes map Download

This is a modded map in which you will find modded biomes. This awesome modded map can be played with a minimum of one players and up to eight players. The trees got modded and you are able to make really cool and really big trees. Download this map and take a look yourself. Enjoy …

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Aug 14

Minecraft Wii U: Dragon Dodge Modded map Download

This is a modded map called dragon dodge and has to be played with at least one other player. Your goal is to try and survive on the floating area for as long as you can. This is modded because there are a couple of ender dragons trying to take you out. Enjoy playing!

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Jun 13

Minecraft Wii U Mods: Swing Set Mod Download

This is a small mod but pretty awesome, it allows you to have working swing sets in your world. The swing sets come in 4 different colours but they all do exactly the same thing. The only difference is the texture. This mod will only work on the Wii U if the the world meets …

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